Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Q.U.I.L.T.S. Show - Part 1

There is nothing like a quilt show to get one's creative juices flowing (which is always good) and make me want to do nothing but hide out in my studio all day and night and sew to my heart's content (which is not good). Well it would be good if I could actually do that; it isn't good because I can't.

This past weekend my sister Tina came up and went to the Quilts United in Learning Together Schenectady (Q.U.I.L.T.S.) guild show. It is a smaller local show but there was still plenty of pretty quilts to see.  I didn't have the time to edit all the pictures to crop out the surrounding stuff for each quilt but I think you'll still enjoy the view.

Kaleidoscope Waterlily, pieced and quilted by Kathy Klinger
Shade's of Green Mariners Compass, Pieced and quilted by Elaine McCain
The Shades of Winter, Pieced and quilted by Barbara Valachovic
Celtic Garden Maze, pieced and quilted by Eileen McCabe
Spring Feathers, pieced and quilted by Eileen McCabe
Abduction from the Seraglio, pieced by Noel Payton, Quilted by Sue Schoch
Wonky Halloween, pieced and quilted by Nina Whitney
Gold Kimono, pieced and quilted by Kathy Klinger
When Life Gives You Scraps, pieced and quilted by Linda Cary
Friendship Starr, Pieced by Bobbie Paulus, quilted by Eileen McCabe
Tuscan Sunset, pieced by Janet Polombo, quilted by Sue Schoch
Stacy's Wedding, whole cloth quilt quilted by Eileen McCabe
Bella's Mimi, pieced by Janet Polombo, quilted by Sue Schoch
I'll have one more post showing the balance of the quilts that I took pictures of at this show. Stay tuned.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Stunning Stitchin Sunday

 You can tell it is fall by all the darker colors being seen around quilt blog land lately.  But that is perfectly ok, it is all still great eye candy no matter the colors.

Yesterday my sister and I went to a local quilt show so I'll have some pictures to share with you this coming week plus I actually have a long awaited finish to show off too. Until then, enjoy!

Friday, October 17, 2014

More Primary Bee blocks

Here are a couple more blocks my kidlets made for The Primary Bee.
The August Bee Princess was Amelia who's mom Pippa blogs over at Pippa's Patch. She requested a Friendship Star block in Hot Pink and Bright Purple. As is usual, when I asked if they wanted to sew, Sunshine was rearing to go.  Here she is sewing the HST pieces together.
I have to chuckle each time with how serious she gets when she is cutting apart the pieces. 
Here is the finished block.  She was obviously proud of this one.
She also received 3 more Bento Box blocks for her own quilt and wanted me to take a picture of her with them.  While she does like the fun fabrics used on the middle one, she is a bit confused as to why it isn't Purple and she is now considering whether she wants to keep it on the front of her quilt or so something else with it like add it to the back.
Second up was Jammer and as you can tell by his expression, he wasn't all cheery this day but he got the job done and off they went.
Then it was time for the September blocks which were for Thomas. He requested Bow Tie Blocks in Red and Blue. After pulling and cutting the appropriate fabrics for them, the kidlets got working.  Sunshine was of course the first to try her hand at it.
Her favorite part.
And the completed block.  She loved that this one was so easy to make.
I just had to show you one of the outtakes. She was full of giggles.
Jammer was actually eager to try this easy block himself.
He's getting so much better at guiding the fabric and he works the pedal totally himself though I do turn the speed down to the lowest setting possible.
I'm trying to teach him why it is so important to guide the fabric properly and sew an accurate seam allowance.  He didn't quite get it when I showed him this seam line but when I opened up the pieces and he saw how they didn't go together nicely, he understood better and didn't grumble too much when I made him redo it.
The rest of the seam lines were better and he at least gave me this 3 missing teeth smile at the end.
Jammer is the Bee Prince for October so his blocks should start arriving soon. Both kids also need to make the blocks for each others' quilt so those are the ones that we'll be working on next.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

More Ghastlie mail

This time I get to show you what I sent to my partner Laura. Unfortunately Laura doesn't have a blog so I couldn't stalk her to learn about her tastes and likes so I just had to guess. 
Kwilty Pleasures
I considered quite a number of different ideas before settling on making her a mini quilt to display in her home. Here is what I packed into the box.
The goodies that I included with the mini quilt include some season themed stickers, a couple of cute note pads (one can never have too many of those), some fun Halloween clothespins that can be used to hold up the quilt, glow-in-the-dark bat mask, a appropriately eerie colored nail polish and a Boo Crew by Moda mini charm pack.
For the mini quilt, I momentarily considered making a Nested Churn Dash as so many others have across quilting blog land but as usual with me, I didn't want to follow the crowd but instead wanted to head off in my own direction.  And I'm so happy that I did. While hunting through block books for ideas I came across one that fit the bill perfectly and so I went to town.

Down in the fog enveloped streets of the old South, you'd come across a long dirt road lined with severely overgrown Cypress trees that eventually lead you to the ancestral Ghastlie mansion, where you'd find every living and not-so-living member of the clan in residence.

A number of the Ghastlie family gang became part of this piece including these miserable looking sisters Mildred and Minerva. I do believe that the last sister Magda was off having an argument with family matriarch Mathilda.
Here you can catch a glimpse of Mathilda and Prudence and the gaggle of witches surely spinning up plans for some ghastlie deed.
Ghastlie children certainly aren't happy children as evidenced here.  Two of these young Ghastlies are Cordelia and Cassius, the twins of Sebastian and Darla, and I guess I wouldn't be too happy either with a cat as a parent.
I wonder where Gunnar Ghastlie is pointing us to go? To the cemetery with him perhaps?
Look who takes center stage in this little mini quilt....none other than Sebastian himself.  Until this Ghastlie portrait fabric came out, I had no idea that he is actually the son of Mathilda and Gaspar.  While looking through my choices, I knew immediately that he would be so appropriate as the featured Ghastlie, with his "I'm not amused" expression. 

For the quilting, my own little ghastlie nature took over and I put Sebastian in a cage of sorts, quilting square spirals around and around and around until I got to the end. I figure if he ever got out of his cage, he'd get lost in this maze of quilting. 
I only marked the first square lines and then eyeballed the rest, stopping where I felt like it at that moment.  It ended up looking great with just the right amount of organic-ness, being not too perfectly evenly spaced.
Do you think Sebastian isn't too pleased with me for trapping him in like this? Too bad kitty! You're stuck now.
Here is the finished mini quilt.  With a 6 inch center, it completed at 24 inches square.  I originally planned on making this nested 3 blocks out but that would have made it 36 inches and to me that isn't a mini quilt as much as it is a baby quilt.

I'm calling this my Overgrown Cypress quilt. The block name was so appropriate and the construction lent itself easily to being exploded.
I already have plans to remake this quilt, exploding it out even further and writing a tutorial so you can make one too. Stay tuned.

I hope Laura likes all of her Ghastlie goodies.  I really enjoyed creating this for her.  Thanks again to Kathy for playing the perfect host.  I'll take part in another Ghastlie swap anytime.